About Us


From Israel to New York

As Isreals leading bakeries since our opening in 1927, we have honed our techniques to create the best breads and pastries and as a result, won the hearts of faithful customers around the world. When our customers moved, they were unable to find pita that matched the taste, mouthfeel, and versatility of our Israeli-made breads. The result? Orders flooded in from around the world and especially one very distinct location: New York.

We began exporting but due to demand, decided to make our second home in the United States and officially opened our doors to the people of New York in the spring of 2013. As they say, the rest is history…we have since grown to sell our products in restaurants, grocery stores, and Amazon Fresh. We are committed to meeting high demand with only the highest quality, and because of our innovative baking methods, now anyone can experience fresh-baked pita. We offer a variety of selling options for restaurants, bakeries and super markets and whether they are sold fresh-baked or frozen, our pita and pastries maintain the small batch, homemade look, feel, and taste that made us so famous nearly 80 years ago.

Our Pita Bread

The recipe that started it all has changed little since opening day, and our top secret recipe has yet to be duplicated. Our pita needs to be tasted to be believed; its cloud like texture, mouthfeel, and durability for holding those delicious fillings make it a beloved staple by chefs as well as home cooks. With only five ingredients, the deceptively simple recipe is both *Kosher and vegan and our whole wheat variety packs an amazing 52 grams of whole grains. Using all-natural ingredients means our pita is best kept frozen until ready to serve, and unlike most breads it doesn’t get soggy in the microwave, making it the perfect “grab-and-go” snack, with the freshest flavor. Whatever delicious fillings you decide to use wont drip out and the lack of crusts means kids love dipping, filling, and snacking on our pita too.